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About us


GITRE ' was born as filiation and development of the industrial enterprise of the last century , by acquiring and handing down the entire industrial experience in the iron
Determined to enter the market with products of high quality standards, GITRE ' takes as its molding techniques for plastics and wood processing , engaging the entire
production cycle of its instruments . Leader in teaching and music fields GITRE' is a reference point for schools, educational institutions , music therapy , big distributions
and concerts.
With its millions of pieces produced each year, GITRE' reaches a widespread distribution in the world market . Each instrument is followed by GITRE' in its entire life
cycle : from concept to design , from testing to full production, thus creating authentic jewellery " Made in Italy" .
The mandatory rules of the entire production are the exclusive use of natural and non-toxic materials, the absolute compliance with the existing rules and a strict and
methodical quality control, that constitute an additional guarantee for the always qualified and attentive GITRE' customers.