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Bag - trolley. Music trolley in varnished birch plywood.

Dimensions mm 560x250x780

Content: 712/P Pairs of claves, 714/G Tone block, 715 Guiro wood with beater, 716 Jingle stick, 717 Mini tone block with beater, 719 Double jingle stick, 722/L Castanets on handle, 725 2 pairs of mini-maracas in fiber, 726 Pair of maracas in fiber, 729 Double guiro, 730/5 Bell stick with 5 bells, 731/T Pair of brass plates, 733/10 Triangle mm 100 with flap, 733/15 Triangle mm 150 with flap, 737 Raganella, 754/10 Handle with 10 bells, 756 Cabasa, 760/6 Brazilian whip, 766 Chime Bars 10 notes, 768/1 Diatonic soprano glockenspiel, 770/6 Headless Tambourine Ø210 mm, 770/6PB Tambourine Ø210 mm with beater, 770/8 Cymbal Ø250 mm, 770/8PB Tambourine Ø250 mm with beater, 785/20T2 Pair of cymbals Ø200 mm, 785/25T Cymabal Ø250 mm brass, 786/A Cymbal stand, 788/T Cymbal with support.

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