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GROUP 2 - primary school


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They consist of sets of instruments, organically gathered to give the teacher a equipment that allows to form, within the class, instrumental groups capable of giving life to small school orchestras.

The proposals, respectively designed for kindergarten, primary, secondary and music therapy, can also be expanded with the “supplementary proposals”, groups of tools that complete and enrich the basic group.

Contents: 745/8 8 Hand bell set, 754/5 Handle with 5 bells, 751 Kazoo in fiber - 5 pcs., 763 Whistle - 3 pcs., 770/6 Headless tambourine Ø210 mm, 770/6P Tambourine Ø210 mm synth., 770/6PB Tambourine Ø210 mm synth. - 2 pcs., 773 Bongos, 785/20T2 Pair of brass cymbals Ø200 mm, 785/25T Brass cymbal Ø250 mm brass, 786/A Cymbal stand, 712 Pair of claves, 714/G, Double tone block, 715 Guiro, 716 Jingle stick, 719 Double jingle stick, 720/5 Handle with bells, 722 Castanet with handle, 725 Mini maracas, 726 Maracas, 731/T Finger cymbals, 733/10 Triangle mm 100, 733/15 Triangle mm 150, 742 Metallophone 18 notes, 790/G Chime bars.

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